Calcio in Italy!

Okay. So the first three words that come to my mind when I think about Italy are pizza, caffè, and football. If you are from the states, you know it better as soccer. Well here, in the big boot, this popular sport is called calcio. In my new video on my youtube channel, Sarah in the … More Calcio in Italy!


Ahhh beautiful Florence. The time of Renaissance art, and the Medici family. This post is the continuation of my trip with Ashley, Emily Mac., Emily D., Rachel, Mallory, and now Megan! If you haven’t read my first post about Bologna, I recommend you do so here. We left Bologna and took a 30 some-minute train … More Florence


Wow. What a time with wine, friends, and traveling. A few months ago, in November, I traveled to Bologna and Florence, Italy with some of my closest friends from Philadelphia. To make things easier to understand, I will explain each one of my friends in a short description so you can get an idea. So … More Bologna